Our gear in the field Bow hunting Bow: Hoyt RX-3 Black Out @80lbs 28" Sight: Spott Hogg, Tommy Hogg Arrow Rest: QAD HDX Ultra Rest Stabilizer: Fuse 10" weighted Arrows: Plains game: Easton FMJ 340 - 100grn point with blazer wrap & 3x Blazer vanes right off set Dangerous game: Easton FMJ Dangerous Game 300 - 175grn point with blazer wrap & 4x blazer vanes right helicle Broad heads: Plains Game: Rage Hypodermic 100grn Dangerous Game: Grizzly Stik Samurai 175grn Release: Scott Little bitty goose Bow Sling: NAP Optics: Binoculars: Leupold Mojave 12x50 Mossy Oak Range Finder: Leupold RX1200 TBR DNA Mossy Oak Rifle hunting Rifles: 338 Win Mag (Built by Sabi Rifles) 7mm Rem Mag Remington 700 XCRII Bullets: Barnes Tipped TSX 338 Win Mag: 185grn TTSX 7mm Rem Mag: 150grn TTSX Scopes:338 Win Mag: Swarovski Z3 3.5-10x42 7mm Rem Mag: Leupold VXR 4-12x40 Kit & Accessories Pack: Tenzing 2220 Day Pack Clothing: Treezyn camouflage Trail Cameras: Spy Point Coolers: Wild Coolers Scent Cover Products: No Scent