Hoyt Archery. The official Archery brand chosen by South African Hunting Journal.

Get Serious Get Hoyt!!! A brand extensively tested and proven to be the strongest most rigid, reliable and accurate bow available to any hunter. Hoyt bows will give you hard hitting power and high speed allowing you optimum performance for your arrow set up.

Nkwazi Safaris. Official outfitter used by South African Hunting Journal, Nkwazi Safaris offers the BEST hunting destinations and accommodation available to any hunter, Offering world class service, personalized hunting packages to suit your requirements along with top of the range equipment to make sure your hunt is as successful as it could possibly be.

Magnum Archery. South African Hunting Journal Pro Staff for Magnum Archery and the official home of all bow hunting and archery equipment for on the range or in the field. Magnum Archery will be able to outfit you with anything A-Z to do with archery or bow hunting offering you outstanding friendly service and excellent knowledge

Wild Coolers. Built for the next generation of outdoors. Our only choice when it comes to cooler boxes, why? These cooler boxes are extremely durable and they keep ice up to 80% longer than any cooler we have used to date, They Have been extensively tested not only by wild coolers but us as well and we can confidently say these are the strongest coolers available to any avid outdoors man!!

Easton Archery. The official arrow brand chosen by South African Hunting Journal, Easton offers the leading arrow components that the industry has to offer, from target archery to bow hunting the biggest game available to a hunter in the world, with the option of carbon fiber or Their FMJ series which is a carbon shaft with an alloy jacket over for superior strength and penetration for the biggest of big/dangerous game hunting.

Dezyn Worx. The official producers for all videography and editing done for South AFrican Hunting Journal, Dezyn Worx always make sure your finished product is capturing & professional. Dezyn Worx are about focusing on the finer details to make sure your videos have an edge on the rest.

 Leupold Optics. South African Hunting Journals choice in optics for many years, arguably one of the best on the market, The proof is in the product... From a range finder sitting in mud dried up for 2 months to binoculars falling off a moving vehicle and surviving a huge storm over night. Americas optic authority is where we put our trust.

Rage Broad heads. Since we started bow hunting we have used rage for ALL plains game up to eland, theres a reason why, Leading the evolution in lethal technology, Untill today never a failed broadhead, I personally cannot fault these broad heads

Grizzly Stik broad heads. South African Hunting Journals official choice of broad heads for dangerous game, after seeing how they perform, we looked no further and after seeing how this broadhead penetrates whith a heavy arrow set up, nothing can compare.

Remington Arms. Being one of the top names in the industry, I choose Remington Rifles, my favorite and chosen model is the Model 700 XCRII, able to withstand ANY weather condition with Remingtons trinide coating and synthetic stock these rifles are strong durable hardy and extremely accurate, we use the 7MM REM MAG, 300 RUM, 338RUM, 375 H&H Mag

No Scent Technologies: Official Scent cover product sponsor to South African Hunting Journal. Hunt undetected, No Scent is Extensively tested and proven to eliminate 100% of human odor that animals detect when the wind changes, Not only has it been tested by No Scent, It's been tested by us as well and it works better than anything we've ever used!!!

Onca Offroad. The industry leading 4x4 accessory manufacturers in South Africa, We have always turned to Onca for all 4x4 mods and accessories. They supply a standard range of accessories as well as custom build to your requirements what ever they might be, with outstanding customer service and impeccable standards.

Treezyn Camouflage. Official clothing sponsor to South African Hunting Journal. Arguably the best camouflage system available to the hunter, South African Hunting Journals choice of camouflage when it comes to hunting is Treezyn  proving itself effective time and time again, as well as a very aesthetically appealing design.